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Spinach & Pinto Bean Soup – 3 ways

Spinach & Pinto Bean Soup - 3 ways Thoughts and Inspiration: Let’s admit it… we are all SO sick of the rain here on the East Coast!  It’s nice one day, then we have rain on and off for 4-5 days, then another nice day if we’re lucky.  Ugh!  It is the worst!  We just want summer here already!  

But, while the weather is gloomy, I always turn to soup for comfort.  This recipe is ultra healthy and delicious.  Beans, lentils and spinach altogether into a simple and hearty meal.  You have three different options on how to have this soup after making it.  This is a great dinner and an even better healthy lunch.  Remember, always add in your own TWIST.

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Chickpea Buffalo Blue Rolls

Appetizer | May 1, 2016 | By

Chickpea Buffalo Blue Rolls Thoughts and Inspiration:  So where did this recipe come from?!… I am kind of obsessed with buffalo wing sauce!  I love it on everything (kind of like how others love Sriracha).  I make hummus quite often at home, so one random day I decided to make a hooked up hummus.  This recipe took me a few trial and errors to get just right; it’s simple, tasty and a perfect little snack.

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Wild Rice Shaved Vegetable Salad

Salads | April 17, 2016 | By

Wild Rice Shaved Vegetable Salad

Thoughts and Inspiration:  Tahini, honey and lemon… doesn’t that sound delicious?!  Here is a great salad recipe that combines wild rice and crunch from the perfect combination of vegetables delicately tossed in a creamy tahini dressing (red cabbage, bell peppers, brussel spouts and carrots).  Make sure you make enough dressing (it tastes amazing dipped with bread!).  

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Garlicky Tomatoes over Burrata

Appetizer | April 10, 2016 | By

Garlicky Tomatoes over Burrata Thoughts and Inspiration:  Happy Sunday!  Here is another quick, simple and delicious toast topper.  This, as well as, the cannellini bean toast are a perfect appetizer for Spring/Summer.  It will be a winner with your guests.  Savory, gooey and mmm mmm mmm garlicky!  The picture has to have your mouth salivating!

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Cannellini Bean Toast

Cannellini Bean Toast Thoughts and Inspiration:  It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted a new recipe.  But, I’m back and you’ll be seeing more soon!  Here’s a simple and tasty toast recipe to get you started; lots of herbs and garlic laced into cannellini beans.  Enjoy!

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Harissa Quesadillas

Appetizer, Main Courses | February 21, 2016 | By

Harissa Quesadillas Thoughts and Inspiration: Quesadillas are kind of awesome aren’t they?!  You can literally put in any of your favorite ingredients, add some cheese, heat and voila!  You have an irresistibly delicious dish! Mmm mmm mmm!  Okay, so this recipe is of course a non-traditional quesadilla.  I use a few veggies, along with harissa paste and oh boy do you have an awesome combination of flavors!  For your busy weeknights, this is a winner recipe.  I actually use the oven to cook the quesadillas, instead of the stove top, which helps save time and no added oil or butter (you mommies out there busy with your kids… pre-make the filling together, assemble and toss in the oven…  just make sure to set your timer!).  

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Lemony Cannellini Bean Stew with Spinach & Orzo

Soups & Stews | February 14, 2016 | By

Lemony Cannellini Bean Stew with Spinach & Orzo Thoughts and Inspiration: Here is a simple stew-ish soup for you!  It is perfect for a cold winter’s night and simple to make.  The orzo thickens the soup as it sits, so I feel that the consistency is more of a stew, rather than a liquid-y soup.  My sister would laugh… finally a recipe without my favorite and beloved, zucchini!  This stew is basically cannellini beans with spinach and orzo, and a few other essential ingredients.  Enjoy!  And remember to add in your own TWIST.

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Warm, Creamy Mexican Dip

Appetizer | February 7, 2016 | By

Warmed, Creamy Mexican Dip Thoughts and Inspiration: Here is a perfect game day or lazy Sunday appetizer.  It’s simple and delicious, with a few different textures.  Anyone will love this Mexican dip!

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Garlic Fried Rice

Main Courses | January 24, 2016 | By

Garlic Fried Rice Thoughts and Inspiration: We went out for Chinese food a couple nights ago and had leftovers.  Of course we had tons of plain rice… What are you supposed to do with old rice?  Fried rice is classic and yummy.  Add in some veggies or your favorite protein and you have a pretty delicious meal.

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9 Ingredient, 13 Minute Power Breakfast Cookies

Uncategorized | January 17, 2016 | By

9 Ingredient, 13 minute power breakfast cookies Thoughts and Inspiration: I am absolutely NOT a baker.  You can ask any of my closest friends/family! You’ve probably figured that out by now too, since I haven’t posted even one dessert on this entire website! However, I have been looking for a healthy, grab and go, quick and easy, breakfast that has a good balance of protein and fiber so, I decided to experiment!  I came up with this recipe, altered it a few times, and perfected these dense little cookies.  They are soft, chewy and slightly sweet.  I don’t know what to call them actually… they seem to be a mix between a cookie and a muffin top.  They are fun, easy clean up and quick!

This cookie is a great way to get kids to eat something super healthy and delicious!  I sneak in some zucchini and I promise you they would never even know it!  It’s great for kids and adults.  My hubby and I take these for breakfast.  Be creative and TWIST in your favorite ingredient as a topping – perhaps chocolate chips, walnuts, blueberries or dried cherries; the options are limitless.

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